Clozure Associates


Software Consulting to Meet Your Needs

Custom Application Development

Clozure Associaties can build desktop, server, or embedded applications to your specification. We can add new features to your existing applications. 

Clozure CL Support

Clozure Associates can provide custom improvements to Clozure CL to support the specific needs of your application, including garbage collecter enhancements, specialized math support, support for extremely large memory spaces, etc. 

Special Projects

Clozure Associates can provide architectural review, debugging support, profiling and optimization services, porting services or other specialized tasks.

Staff Augmentation

Clozure Associates can provide expert Common Lisp programmers to work as full-time members of your team and help your development efforts succeed. 


Clozure Associates can help you find permanent employees with unmatched expertise in Common Lisp development. Our large network spans five continents and includes a wide variety of complimentary skillsets. 

TERC hired Clozure Associates to implement InspireData, a desktop application that runs on Mac OS X and Windows. Implemented in LispWorks and with more than 100,000 licenses sold, InspireData is a testament to the suitability of Lisp for portable application development.

When ITA Software needed to add a large number of skilled Common Lisp programmers to their cloud-based airline services project, they turned to Clozure Associates to help them complete the job.

For Sandia National Laboratories we Implemented an intelligent microgrid power controller in Common Lisp that provided realtime control of a true sinewave inverter under varying DC inputs and varying loads. The system used Lisp for high-level intelligent control coupled with interrupt handlers written in C for low-level closed-loop feedback.