Clozure Associates

Clozure Associates

Common Lisp

Consulting Services

Clozure Associates specializes in Common Lisp software development. Our team of experts programmers can:

  • Create custom applications to your specification.

  • Extend your team with part-time or full-time programmers.

  • Maintain existing Lisp software: fixing bugs, improving performance, extending functionality.

  • Port systems to new platforms and modern architectures.

  • Create application-specific improvements to dynamic language compilers, garbage collectors, and open source libraries.

Clozure also provides recruiting services, to help you find and hire the best Common Lisp developers as full-time employees.


Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Desktop Applications

  • Cloud-based Services

  • Embedded Services

  • Clozure CL

  • SBCL

  • LispWorks

  • Allegro CL

  • Linux

  • Macintosh

  • Windows

  • x86

  • ARM