Common Lisp Consulting
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We can help with
  • Desktop Applications
  • Cloud-based Services
  • Embedded Systems

  • Clozure CL
  • SBCL
  • LispWorks
  • Allegro CL

  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • Windows

  • x86
  • ARM
  • Clozure Associates specializes in Common Lisp programming. We have a large team of Lisp experts available for nearly any project, including:

  • Creating custom applications to your specification.
  • Extending your team with part-time or full-time programmers.
  • Maintaining existing Lisp software: fixing bugs, improving performance, extending functionality.
  • Porting systems to new platforms and modern architectures.
  • Creating application-specific improvements to dynamic language compilers, garbage collectors, and open source libraries.

  • Clozure Associates develops and maintains Clozure Common Lisp, but we are equally comfortable working in other Common Lisp implementations, including SBCL, LispWorks, Allegro CL and Symbolics Genera.

    Clozure Associates is an authorized Symbolics software consultant, providing software support and development in Symbolics Genera operating system running under Linux, Unix, or on Symbolics hardware.